VNA’s Annual Butterfly Release Honors Loved Ones

Blue skies and sunshine set the scene this year as 250 butterflies were released at the VNA Celebration of Life and Butterfly Release on September 8.

Different from past years, the annual event took place at the Butler Fairgrounds, where those who attended had the opportunity to release butterflies in a field-type setting.

The initial service commenced with the moving sound of bagpipes played by local musician, Larry Morrison.

Shortly after, Suzanne Grove, director of VNA hospice and palliative care, welcomed attendees and thanked them for their continued support of the hospice program.

“Today is special because it’s a celebration of life, and it’s important to take time, even if just moments to celebrate good,” Grove said. “The butterfly symbolizes something different to everyone, and to me it helps to quiet thoughts and enjoy the moment, celebrating life.”

At the end of the service, names of loved ones were read aloud as guests were ushered to a nearby field to release the monarchs.

Upon liberation, some butterflies flew away immediately while others stayed close to those who released them – Surely signifying loved ones are safe and at peace with God.