Lutheran SeniorLife Speakers Bureau

Lutheran SeniorLife has formed a Speakers Bureau of employees who are experts in their field and willing to speak with your group about a wellness or aging related topic that's important to you. 

Topics include:

  • Navigating the Continuum of Care - What are housing options for older adults?
  • Osteoarthritis: What it is and how to manage it every day
  • Practicing Self Care - Why and how to follow the Biblical imperative to take care of ourselves while caring for others
  • Life after Loss - How to survive the first year
  • Home Safety and Preventing Falls
  • Downsizing - Tips and options
  • Tough Talks - Death, dying, and bereavement
  • Low Vision - How aging eyes can be helped, and how to compensate in your home
  • SilverSmartTM - How technology can help older adults stay safe, healthy, and active
  • Why am I dizzy? A review of common casuses of dizziness as we age
  • Forever Families - Resources for parents or future parents of adopted or foster children
  • Dementia - The stages and how to respond
  • Navigating the World of Medicare and Medicaid
  • "But I Want My Kids to Get the House!" - Myths and facts regarding buying into a retirement community
  • Tools to Make Life Easier - Occupational therapy equipment explained

In addition to these and other topics, our Speakers Bureau covers every program area of Lutheran SeniorLife. 

Contact Patty Davidson at (412) 367-8222 or to schedule your program.

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