Vital Signs Telemonitoring

VNA was one of the first agencies to use the Honeywell HomMed® telemonitoring system. Our early adoption of this leading-edge technology has allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of how best to use this powerful tool to improve patient care at home.

This hospital-grade device, which is no larger than a clock radio, collects the your loved one’s vital statistics – including blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, weight and temperature – every day. For ease of use, the system provides voice prompts and color-coded buttons, and the entire process takes only about three minutes.

This data is then transmitted via telephone lines or, when a telephone is not available, satellite link to VNA, where it is reviewed by a trained clinician. Should there be anything out of the ordinary in the readings, the clinician will notify your loved one’s physician in order to allow for early intervention before the problem becomes serious.

In some cases, standing orders from the physician are pre-arranged and medications provided so that VNA can address the problem immediately. VNA will also provide weekly or monthly reports to the patient’s physician so that he or she can track subtle changes in the patient’s health.

Telemonitoring has been shown to be particularly effective as part a long-term care management plan for patients with congestive heart failure. For these patients, standing orders can be issued to address symptoms such as sudden weight gain, which can be a symptom of fluid retention. If caught early, fluid retention can be relatively easily reversed with medication, avoiding complications that can result in readmission to the hospital. At VNA, we have been able to decrease hospitalization among our CHF patients by 66 percent through the use of telemonitoring.

Monitoring is a standard of care for our home health patients. For non-VNA patients, monitoring fees start as low as $5 per day, with a minimum of three days per week required.

If you would like more information about our telemonitoring services, please call our Customer Center toll-free at 1-877-862-6659. A VNA team member will be happy to speak with you about your particular situation and make recommendations customized to your specific needs.

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