Celebrating Aging

Passavant Residents Receive Special Honors

Published: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

They say age is just a number, but for 51 Passavant Community residents who are all over the age of 95, it’s a milestone.

These residents were recognized last week at Celebrating Aging, a special ceremony in their honor. Each was encouraged to bring a loved one, and the event was televised live campus-wide for those not in attendance.

“A quarter of our campus is over the age of 95,” said Ann Mutmansky, director of marketing for Passavant Community. “Their longevity is a tribute to their abundant living, and we wanted to celebrate that.”

Pr. Rebecca Siddle, the chaplain at Passavant, thanked each of the residents for the blessings they have brought to so many around them. “Our hope and prayer is that your future journey be filled with peace and the company of good friends,” she told them.

“We are all richer because of you,” said Laura Roy, executive director of Passavant Community.

Sixteen of these residents, who are age 99 and above were given a memory board, which displayed photos and their words of wisdom.

Following the ceremony, these boards were on display for all to enjoy.

For additional photos, please visit our Facebook page.

To see a video of the event, visit our YouTube Channel.

Guests honored at the ceremony include:

Age 100+: Joe Stetz, Elizabeth Bodensky, Stanley Whiting, William Profitt, Mildred Dollhopf, Dorothy Roberts, Emma Nesbitt, Ruth Staples

Age 99: Eveline Mattern, Walter Stern, Marjorie Gabella, Wilma Sloughfy, Regina Miller, Louise Sanders, Irene Gewolb, Charles Weber

Age 95-98: Margaret Innocent, Andrew Szakelyhidi, B. Frank Campbell, H. Ray Sheetz, E. Jean Davison, Elizabeth Sarver, Joan Gill, Dolores Fruth, Edna Hosek, Samuel Regal, Janet Reader, Beatrice Patterson, Ruth Davis, Betty Fouse, Joseph McCandless, Melanie Schmidt, Betty Foster, Florence Musgrave, Amy Core, Angela Sinatra, Angela Bianco, Evelyn Bartley, Arthur Parker, Alice Hayes, Lila Burgess, John Flynn, Dorothy Fehr, Helen Savage, Ann Conti, Ruth Werner, Alvin Graf, Ruth Goodwill, Catherine Thompson, Mary Helmstaedter

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