Born to Be Wild!

Published: Monday, September 11, 2017

Alvin Graf, 97, a resident of Newhaven Court at Passavant Community, had a life-long dream of riding a mororcycle again come true this weekend, thanks to the Legion Riders and American Legion Post 474 in Zelienople.

One afternoon, while serving in World War II in Germany, Graf said he and a buddy went for a walk and "found" a couple of old motorcycles in a garage, managed to get them started and took them for a spin through the German countryside. That was 75 years ago, and the last time that Graf had been on a bike.

With the help of fellow Passavant resident, Jim Dotson, commander of American Legion Post 474, Graf was able to ride through campus on the back of a Harley Davidson driven by Legion Rider Art Terracio, accompanied by about 20 other bikes.

"This was so great!" Graf said, as he dismounted the bike. "I haven't done that in 75 years. I'm so thankful to get to do it again!"

Several other Newhaven Court residents took a ride as well, including Walt Stern, 99, also a WWII veteran. This was his first ever motorcycle ride.

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