LIFE Program and Community HealthChoices

Published: Thursday, August 24, 2017

by: Julie Pella, enrollment manager, LIFE Armstrong County

Community HealthChoices is a new Medicaid-managed health care plan beginning January 1, 2018 in southwestern Pennsylvania. This is a new initiative that will use managed care organizations to coordinate physical health and long-term services and supports.

Community HealthChoices is mandatory for Medicaid recipients who are 21 and older, have a disability, or are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Southwestern Pennsylvania participants select their plan September through November 2017. Letters with information and instructions on how to enroll in Community HealthChoices will be mailed out beginning September 1, 2017.

Current participants in a LIFE Program are not supposed to receive the letters since you are already enrolled in a plan that will be an option for the Community HealthChoices. If you do get a letter, please bring it into your LIFE center for your social worker to review with you. You do not need to choose a new plan if you wish to remain in the LIFE Program. Please talk with social services or the enrollment department if you have any questions regarding LIFE and Community HealthChoices.

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