Lutheran SeniorLife Facebook Page Keeps Daughter Connected With Her Dad

Published: Monday, May 16, 2016

As LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly) Armstrong County celebrated its one year anniversary on April 1, 2016, Terry Ortiz, also had personal reasons to celebrate. Her father, William Mauger, who enrolled in the LIFE Program one year ago, has enjoyed the many benefits of the support and care provided by the program.

At a recent visit to the LIFE Armstrong County center, Terry said with tears in her eyes, “It has been a wonderful year for my Dad since he has been at LIFE. The staff has provided Dad’s health care and so much more. He looks forward to going to the LIFE Center – and the participants and staff there have become his extended family. The LIFE Center provides a safe place for Dad to socialize and be as active as he chooses. It has improved Dad’s life!”

Terry, who lives in another state, has been thrilled with the numerous opportunities that she has had to see pictures of her Dad participating in activities and events through postings on the Lutheran SeniorLife Facebook page.

Her father even gets caught up in the Facebook excitement often asking staff how quickly his pictures will get posted because he wants his family to be able to see him enjoying himself at the LIFE Center. He even dressed up for the anniversary celebration in a suit and top hat because he anticipated having his picture taken for Facebook.

Those who know him say Mr. Mauger has a new outlook on life since enrolling in LIFE Armstrong County. He says he wants to do his part to help raise awareness of LIFE through any means, including Facebook. He went on to say that the LIFE Program enlightens the participants and shows them that there is still a lot to do, and that they are still special human beings.

“It is so much better than sitting in my apartment alone!” he said.

The Lutheran SeniorLife Facebook page is a great place to see pictures of Lutheran SeniorLife activities and events, and also to become informed about age-related topics. Visit today!

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