Gift Shop Volunteers Help Others Live More Abundantly

Published: Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In its new location in the Abundant Life Center at Passavant Community, the Gift Shop has been able to spread out and extend its inventory. Not only does this make for a better shopping experience, but it allows the shop to donate even more proceeds to Passavant’s Benevolent Care fund, which supports residents who have outlived their financial resources.

“We are getting much more traffic now and have much better visibility in this new location,” said Nancie Johnson, resident volunteer gift shop manager and Passavant Community resident. Nancie runs the shop in conjunction with her co-managers Mary Ellen Corrigan, a resident volunteer and Betty Clyde, community volunteer.

Some of the most interesting new items now for sale is a line of ‘reclaimed’ jewelry designed and crafted by local artist Laura Bergman of Bottled Up Designs. Each piece contains glass that she has found buried in the woods and farmlands around her home and shaped into necklaces and earrings.

Other items in the store include handmade wreaths, decorative household items, purses, scarves, candies, sundries and of course, an extensive collection of Pittsburgh sports items.

There are some things in the gift shop, however, that aren’t for sale that bring just as much joy to the residents as the items one could buy – laughter, camaraderie and the smiling faces of the volunteers who selflessly give their time to keep the shop running smoothly.

Kathy Ligday and Pat Slingwine have been friends for 37 years. They volunteer in Passavant’s gift shop as a team, bringing double the smiles to residents and employees who come into the shop.

“It’s just more fun when we’re together!” Ligday said.

Not only do they enjoy socializing with the residents and staff who stop in the shop throughout the day, but they make a point to try and stock the items that are most requested. “We just really enjoy being here and spending time with people,” Slingwine added.

If you would like to volunteer your time to help others live an Abundant Life® please contact Donna Cawthorne, community outreach coordinator, at or click here for more information.

Pictured at right is Nancie Johnson, one of the Gift Shop managers.

Volunteers Kathy Ligday and Pat Slingwine





Volunteer Betty Clyde





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