Bonding Over Beauty

Published: Thursday, August 14, 2014

There’s a special kind of bonding that occurs among women in a beauty salon, as stories are swapped and laughter drowns out the hum of the blowdryers.

Armed with scissors, curlers and donuts, hairstylist Sue Beatty has been making a weekly visit to The Commons at Stonebrook Village in McCandless for more than 20 years. She doesn’t take appointments. She prefers, instead, that anyone who wants to join her (whether they want a haircut or not) gather in her salon for coffee and fellowship.

“It’s about more than just cutting the residents’ hair,” Beatty said. “It’s about camaraderie. These people are like my family.”

“It’s so wonderful to just come down here, sit and relax with everyone while I get my hair done,” said Commons resident Kitty McKeating. “It’s wonderful that Sue comes to spend time with us every week. This is so much better than going to a beauty shop where you don’t know anyone.”

The fun doesn’t stop after everyone is properly coiffed. “Why should the party stop there?” Beatty said.

The residents help clean up the salon and set the large table in the recreation room for lunch. Beatty makes a quick trip to Sam’s Club and returns with Nathan’s Hot Dogs, snacks and drinks for anyone who wishes to join her for lunch. “Not everyone wants hot dogs, so they bring their own lunch from their apartment and just come to socialize. It’s fantastic!”

After lunch, Beatty and a few residents play cards. “When I come to The Commons on Thursdays, it’s not like work at all. We have all become very close friends, like a family. We laugh, eat, play and pray together. It’s a party here every week!”

Barbara Reck, marketing coordinator at The Commons, said she is extremely grateful to Beatty for doing her part to provide an Abundant Life® for the residents. “It’s hard to find someone who enjoys working with seniors,” Reck said. “We are all truly blessed to have Sue in our lives.”

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