Sprucing Up at The Commons

Residents at The Commons at Stonebrook Village have spruced up the outdoor terrace and grounds this summer.

Published: Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Pat Harbison, an avid gardener, and other green-thumbed residents expressed an interest in rejuvenating two unused raised gardening beds to plant herbs. "We needed a little help to get it going," Harbison said. Upon hearing of the request, Rachel Mott, director of residential communities and services for Lutheran SeniorLife, purchased the needed supplies and spent a Saturday afternoon helping Harbison and the other residents prepare the planters.

"It was a great day," Mott said. "We all worked really hard to get the beds in good shape."

The planter is now overflowing with dill, parsley and lettuce the residents have been picking for personal use. "When I want a salad, I can just come down here for fresh lettuce," said Commons resident Florence Dendis.

Extra herbs and lettuce are shared with the chef to use in evening meals in the dining room, which offers a view of the brand new patio set and grill.

"Our old set was outdated, and I thought it would be nice for the residents to have a more comfortable place outside to sit and relax," said Barbara Reck, marketing coordinator for The Commons. "Rachel came through for us again and facilitated the purchase of this beautiful new patio set for the residents to enjoy!"

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