Home Safety & Telemonitoring

For many patients, living independently in their own homes requires home medical equipment and careful monitoring.

VNA, Western PA offers several products that will keep you safe and alleviate caregiver worries:

Alert Systems – VNA Alert System is a simple wireless device that allows the wearer to summon the help of a trained associate with the push of a button.

  • iVi Fall Detector – alerts the call center if a patient has fallen at home.
  • Mobile Mate – incorporates GPS tracking technology with fall detection capabilities, to alert the call center from home or on the go.

Medication Dispensing System - the SmartMed medication dispenser organizes medications, gives reminders and automatically dispenses medications at the time required.

HomMed – This small, hospital-grade device collects vital signs (blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, weight and temperature) every day, and then transmits the data to VNA’s Butler office where it is reviewed by a trained clinician. If necessary, the clinician can notify your physician if early intervention is needed to prevent a medical problem from exacerbating.

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