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VNA, Western PA client profile - Mary and David Smolinski

Published: February 10, 2016

When at-home care is needed, it is important to know the people caring for you are not only expert medical providers, but also trustworthy enough to welcome into your home.

This high level of trust is what Mary and David Smolinski value most about the care they receive from VNA, Western Pennsylvania. 

Due to a variety of debilitating conditions, Mary requires home care services through VNA each week. She is wheelchair-bound and only has full use of one arm, so traveling to the hospital for these treatments is difficult, even dangerous, in cold weather.

"Since I need to have nurses in my home, I wanted it to be someone I could trust and feel comfortable with," she said. "And every single one of them has been great."

Mary explained that not only do her nurses provide her necessary treatments, but also perform basic wellness checks on her, and inform her doctors immediately if they suspect she needs additional attention.

"When the VNA nurses are here, it gives me a chance to ask questions, and they always take the time to explain things. It's like having my own medical team right in my home. It's very personal."

In addition to helping Mary, VNA was also able to help David after his recent ankle surgery. "I had a wound that wouldn't heal, so they took care of me, too," he said. "It would have been impossible for me to take care of both Mary and myself during that time."

"I know my nurses really care about me," Mary said. "They always help me to the next step in my care and encourage me to be independent when I can. They have become like family to me. They are comfortable in my home, and I am comfortable having them. I will always fight to be able to use VNA."

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