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The Commons at Stonebrook Village resident profile - Norm and Thelma Voegler

Published: February 10, 2016

When they aren't planning parties, playing games or socializing with their neighbors at The Commons at Stonebrook Village, Norm and Thelma Voegler enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. 

Their desire for simpler, maintenance-free living is what lead them to The Commons two years ago, and they have loved it ever since. Their apartment is decorated with family memorabilia and items that Norm crafted over the years.

"We brought everything that was meaningful to us, and gave away the things we didn't need to our family. It made the move pretty easy. We were ready to downsize," Thelma said.

"When we owned a larger home, our sons and grandsons were always helping us fix things or mowing the lawn," Norm added. "Now we don't have to depend on them all the time. We can just enjoy their company."

Thelma explained that living at The Commons allows them the freedom to spend their time with friends. "We like to stay busy. In fact, we are busier now that we ever were before we moved here. And we like to keep everyone else here busy, too."

"The residents at The Commons are like one big family," Norm said. "We all look out for each other here."

The Voeglers love the wooded view they have from their balcony, but also enjoy the fact that they are just minutes away from Interstate79, with quick access to shopping, dining and entertainment venues.

"Our kids are so excited for us to be living here," Norm said. "They really want us to relax and enjoy our lives - and that's exactly what we do!"

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