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Passavant Community resident profile - John Sloat

Published: February 09, 2016

They say timing is everything.

For retired pastor John Sloat and his wife, Helen, 2013 was the right time to move into their new Manor Home apartment at Passavant Community. Just three days after moving in, however, Helen fell in their apartment and broke her hip. Several surgeries and additional injuries followed, each requiring Helen to temporarily move into the Nursing Center in the Abundant Life Center for therapy during her recovery.

"It's a good thing she fell while we were living here, and not at our old house. I am so thankful that she doesn't have to go someplace far away," John said. "She has been in there five times. I can visit her whenever I want, and the people taking care of her are really wonderful."

When he is not spending time with Helen, John has plenty of activities to keep him busy, like working in Passavant's resident-run Train Room. 

"I've always loved trains. When we moved here, the Abundant Life Center was just being built. I was lucky to be able to help dismatle the trains in the old buiding," he said, and then help build a new layout in the Abundant Life Center.

John has also been playing the organ and acting as Choir Master for the past two years.

"Again, our move here happened just at the time when they were looking for someone to play the organ," he said. He has been playing ever since for regular Sunday services, memorials, funerals and special services throughout the year in Seaman Chapel.

"Everything here is very person-centered," John said. "The residents pretty much run the activities the way we would like, and they are very open to our suggestions. I have the freedom to do as much or as little as I want to do, and Helen is well cared for in the Abundant Life Center."

"In my old neighborhood, I only saw my neighbors enough to wave to them when they were pulling out of their driveways. Now I see my friends where ever I go."

"It's just a different mental mindset here - a different, but better, kind of environment than I lived in before. People look out for and care for one another. This is definitely God's home."

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