June is National Home Safety Month

Use technology to help seniors remain safely in their homes longer!

Published: June 15, 2018

Home safety is a priority for all, but for a senior it may be the deciding factor when considering a move to a higher level of care. Safety in the home can include the addition of grab bars, removal of clutter, improved lighting, or security systems. The focus here will be on a few tech devices that can improve safety and offer peace of mind for loved ones.


Hearing impairments make it difficult to know if someone is at your door; signalers and alerts can flash lights or strobes instead to notify a senior that there is someone at the door. Digital peepholes can offer a large, video shot of who is at the door to prevent welcoming an unwanted guest. Doorbell cameras can even allow you to see who is knocking remotely. Any of these items increase safety by monitoring who and when someone enters the home.

Door monitors can be installed to alert a caregiver if someone who wanders is approaching a doorway and reduce the risk of elopement.


The kitchen can be a very unsafe place if you are confused or forgetful. Memory impairment often leads to a higher level of care due to safety risks. There are several products available that can prevent fires.  One can ‘hear’ when the smoke detector alarm sounds and subsequently turn off power to a range. A second option will seek for motion in the kitchen while the range is turned on and turn power off if there is no motion in a preset amount of time. There are similar devices for microwaves.

A small anti-scalding device added to a shower head can prevent burns to the skin by stopping the flow of water if the temperature exceeds 117 degrees.

Bedrooms/Living Areas

Motion activated lights illuminate a room, stairs, or a hallway and can help to prevent falls when moving in a dark home, especially at night.

Bed sensors or bed exit alarms can alert a caregiver to assist a frail or confused loved one if he/she is getting out of bed unattended.

Safety in the home is important for all; help your loved one to live in a home safe home as well as a home sweet home.

If you would like more information on any of these or other senior-friendly technology items, please contact Sharon Whalen, technology associate, at (724) 452-3619 or sharon.whalen@lutheranseniorlife.org.

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