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Adoption and Foster Care Program

Lutheran Service Society offers more than 80 years of adoption experience to children and families in western Pennsylvania. We are licensed and ready to support you in your journey in adoption and foster care.

We provide professional services to families who have adopted or who are seeking to adopt domestic infants, older American children, children with special needs and international children.

Our adoption services include:

  • guiding families through the adoption process with a free orientation
  • providing support services after placement
  • offering comprehensive training and important resources

Our permanency services include:

  • post permanency support for any family who has ever adopted and may be experiencing difficulty within the family*
  • child preparation, completed individually between the permanency worker and the child, to assist the child in gaining a better understanding of their history and perspective on their future permanency goals
  • child and family profile development, documenting the child's or family's past and current circumstances for Pennsylvania counties to aid in making an appropriate match for the adoptive child and family

*Post permanency services are free to families who are permanent or subsidized legal guardians, fit and willing relatives, and adoptive families. Referrals are made through the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) at (800) 585-SWAN.

Contact us for a free orientation to the adoption process with a highly experienced and dedicated permanency worker or to request more information on any of our services.

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